Extends Integrations with WooCommerce, Creates More Seamless Payment Plans

Leading eCommerce platform WooCommerce is focused on one thing: enhancing the online shopping experience; that’s exactly why has built the new, enhanced version of the Woo plugin, which

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How To Put Your Customers First in 2020

New year, new decade -- it’s inevitable to come with new resolutions. And what’s one of the biggest resolutions (outside of diet and exercise, of course) almost everyone makes? Saving money.

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Improved BigCommerce integration

We've improved our BigCommerce integration by taking advantage of their new server to server checkout API. Using this new API will ensure all options configured in the customer's cart will be will be

Read Article → demo accounts - use in test mode

Implementing new financial software into your website is a tricky task. You need test the solution on a demo (non-live) version of your website, assess all of the processes and touchpoints your customers

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GDPR and privacy has always taken security very seriously, which is why we're committed to compliance with the new European Union General Data Protection Regulation. We offer our full support of the GDPR consumer

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Payment plans for Shopify draft orders - Feature Spotlight now supports creating payment plans from Shopify draft orders! After you've created your merchant account and connected your Shopify shop, just navigate to a draft order in your Shopify

Read Article → goes WooCommerce native with custom plugin

Payment plans made simple for WooCommerce We mentioned about the exciting things happening at in our last blog. Here, we thought we’d expand a little on one of them that

Read Article → checkout buttons currently has eight checkout buttons for ecommerce merchants to use on their cart or product pages. However, merchants are welcome to use whatever image or html button design they'd like for

Read Article → 2.0 Announcement

We're thrilled to announce the release of 2.0, the first major version update of since it's release in Fall 2015. We've listened to our merchants and customers very

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Shipping - 2.0 Feature Spotlight

One of the biggest improvements to is the addition of shipping support. Merchants can now charge for shipping as a separate, additional fee for their payment plans. Merchants can set up

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Multiple Line Item Fees - Feature Spotlight

The initial version of allowed merchants to enter a single fee for offers and payment plans, as a fixed $ amount or a % of the total. This worked for most merchants and

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