Implementing new financial software into your website is a tricky task. You need test the solution on a demo (non-live) version of your website, assess all of the processes and touchpoints your customers will experience, and implement the solution onto your website seamlessly, without interrupting the user experience.

This becomes even more difficult when the financial software you are adding to your website does not have a "test" mode; a way to process orders with test payment methods.

Consider the following example:

A merchant wants to add to their website to start offering payment plans to their customers. The merchant wants to make sure works properly, so they set it up on their website with the payment plan terms they want to offer their customers and proceed to create payment plan orders.

The issue here is that the merchant will have to process transactions with real funds, and complete the process for opening a payment plan, which invovles the signing of a contract.

To avoid this frustration, it is highly recommended that you use the demo version of

Just signup for a demo account by following the same steps you would on the live version of Click the get started now button, and enter your email and merchant name to create your demo account. Connect a Stripe account, and it will be set to test mode, which allows you to process transactions with fake money and test payment methods.

Use the test card numbers and payment method information supplied by Stripe when testing with the demo version.

In addition to being able to use Stripe in test mode, all of the other integrations will work as intended: Shopify, Woocommerce, Opencart, Quickbooks, Freshbooks and Harvest.

A few extra Shopify features do not work properly with the demo version of creating payment plans from Shopify draft orders and creating a payment plan button for a specific Shopify product. Both of these functions are accessed directly within the Shopify admin, and we are only able to point to one server for these functions. So, those features are limited to the live version of

Click here to signup for a demo account, and test for your business.