New year, new decade -- it’s inevitable to come with new resolutions. And what’s one of the biggest resolutions (outside of diet and exercise, of course) almost everyone makes?

Saving money.

But here’s the catch: big changes (i.e. new house, exotic trips, or even a new baby) inevitably come with big price tags. So how do you ensure your customers don’t get cold feet at checkout and -- gasp! -- abandon the cart?

We have simple solutions to allow both you (the merchant) and your customers to stay on track. (Maintaining budgets for them; more sales for you!)

Here’s the best part: providing these solutions will make them love you even more -- and a happy customer is a returning customer.

Let Them Take The Reins
As the merchant, you lay the groundwork to ensure your plans fit perfectly with your business processes; this includes setting the down payment, frequency, term, and any additional line-item fees. But your customers can customize plans within the limits that you optionally set. By offering these payment plan terms that allow customers to define how they want to pay for your product, you will see an increase in sales.

Keep Their Info On Lockdown
With identity theft on the rise, and online shopping showing no signs of slowing down, protecting financial information has become more vital than ever. features industry-leading encryption and security best practices. We do not store any customer payment information; that means, your customers can shop sans fear. (And that’s worth a lot!)

Implement “Abandoned Cart Rescue”
A shopper peruses your site, fills his/her cart, proceeds to checkout — and poof! — disappearing act. Sound familiar? Our new abandoned cart rescue automatically send emails and/or SMS messages to your customers when they don't complete their payment plan purchase. (And more empty carts = more cash!)

There’s more: If you have a Shopify or Bigcommerce account connected to, you can automatically send payment plan offer messages to customers who don't complete purchases on the standard checkout. In other words, if customers are overwhelmed with the price tag,'s abandoned cart rescue messaging assures them it can be paid for over time — making it the ideal way to both increase sales and earn more customers.