The initial version of allowed merchants to enter a single fee for offers and payment plans, as a fixed $ amount or a % of the total. This worked for most merchants and general use cases, but many merchants needed more control over how they charged fees to their custoemrs. 2.0 introduced a multiple line item fee system that allows merchants to multiple, individule line item fees to their offers and payment plans. Line item fees will function the same as the individual fees from the initial version of, but can be given custom names.

When payment plans go into default, merchants can re-open plans from the merchant portal, and introduce new fees when creating a new payment schedule for the re-opened payment plan. This gives merchants an easy way to add common fees such as late fees or payment plan default fees.

Multiple line item fees provide another benefit to merchants shipping products. For merchants shipping where the shipping cost is unknown at the time of purchase, merchants can easily add the shipping cost in as a fee when the shipping cost is determined.