In a new series, we will be chatting with various merchants to see how has changed their online shopping game. First up, Newchip: an online program designed specifically to provide the tools needed to help entrepreneurs build, scale and fund their startups.

Let's be honest: in a climate in which layoffs are becoming more and more frequent, having accelerator programs available to help develop the knowledge, the network, and the communities to everyone -- regardless of stage and location in the world -- is pretty fantastic. Even more so when you can have help paying for said accelerator programs.

Here's what the Chief of Staff of Newchip, Nihar Patel, had to say about E-commerce life since implementing into their platform.

When did you incorporate into your eCommerce?
We are a more service-oriented business as our product is an online course but it is a flat fee for our product which is access to the curriculum and interactive sessions over 6 months. We incorporated into our checkout as a way for the companies we work with to use payment plans that allow them to better manage their cashflow.
Have you seen an increase in online shopping as a whole?
As we increase prices as well as offer more courses, allowed us to maintain -- or even boost! -- our conversion rate by allowing flexible payments.
Have you seen an increase since implementing
Yes. And perhaps more telling, as we increased prices we didn't see a drop off in conversion...which we attribute to allowing us to offer flexible and sometimes customized plans.
What has the customer response been like? Any specific feedback/testimonials to share?
We don't receive a lot of customer service questions, which to us means our companies are easily able to use the checkout and plans, even when custom. That’s a good indicator of how easy the platform is to use.
During these unprecedented times, would you recommend other businesses use
It’s even more important right now to build out the eCommerce pipes because brick and mortar is even more of a setback; if you have expensive items, or perhaps wholesale items, it’s wise to implement

Fun question: if you could use to help you purchase anything right now, what would it be?
Tonal home gym.