Our latest spotlight is also one of our newest merchants in the Shop -- and brace yourself, the name is just straight up FUN: See The Slay.

Admit it, you're already intrigued.

See The Slay Vanity Company is an online retailer that strongly believes in the fact that everyone should love how they look and feel confident in themselves. (Yep, that's where the "Slay" comes in!).

Another incredible fact? This is a black and female-owned business. We chatted with the owner, Theresa, to learn more about how she puts “Slaying” at the forefront -- because, as she puts it, "it's about looking amazing, plus succeeding in every area of your life.

Tell us a little about your product! It's so fun and unique...
I would definitely agree that our products are fun and unique! Our quality LED makeup mirrors come with many features, including adjustable brightness, tri-tone lighting and USB ports. They can even connect to Bluetooth, so your music can play as you see your slay!

What made you feel there was a need for this product today?
We live in a day and age where looks are very important, especially with social media heavily impacting our lives. Everyone looks at themselves multiple times a day, whether you even realize it or not. See The Slay was started to help more people see and embrace their beauty and confidence, regardless of who they are or what they look like. We don’t sell plain and boring mirrors, because our customers aren’t plain and boring people! The mirrors come with all sorts of fun and special features because that’s how we want people to feel when they see these mirrors in their space and when they look at their reflections.

When did you incorporate Partial.ly into your site?
We incorporated Partial.ly into our site in early August. We wanted to ensure that money is never the reason why someone cannot see their slay.

How have you seen online shopping change since the pandemic?
This company was actually founded in the middle of this pandemic! The biggest change I’ve noticed it that more people are extra cautious with their spending. They want to make sure that they’re getting the best value for their money, which makes me want to ensure that I’m always  delivering my best.

Have you seen an increase in sales since implementing Partial.ly?
While we’re still a new company working on getting those initial sales, we can definitely say that we’ve noticed more traffic to our site, more people staying on longer, and more people starting to make it to checkout since implementing Partial.ly.

What has the customer response been like with having a payment plan option available?
I’ve noticed that more people have been staying on our site longer and are more likely to reach checkout, since having an available payment plan option. We can’t wait to share specific testimonials in the future!

When have you noticed Partial.ly being used the most?
Since implementing Partial.ly I haven’t noticed a specific product being added more or a certain demographic using it more. I’ve noticed that in general, more customers have felt comfortable going through our site knowing that there’s a reliable payment plan available.

During these unprecedented times, would you recommend other businesses use Partial.ly?
I would definitely recommend Partial.ly to other businesses! I love how it’s very easy for new businesses to integrate into the system. It also helps to build trust and confidence with customers.

If you could use Partial.ly to help you purchase anything right now, what would it be?
Honestly, I would love to buy a YSL cross-body bag with Partial.ly, if I could!