We at Partial.ly couldn’t be more excited to partner with pro golfer Michael Thompson. An extremely family-oriented, hard-worker and just an overall humble, classy person -- he's an ideal partner for us.

Since depending on your knowledge of pro golfers, you may not know much about Michael, we decided to fill you in with a few facts to show just how much we wanted him to be on our team (no pun intended).

  1. Michael attended same alma mater (Tulane University) as our co-founder Andrew Schmid

  2. He spent one week as number one in the World Amateur Golf Ranking before turning professional in July 2008; he earned his first PGA Tour win at the Honda Classic in 2013.

  3. Michael met his wife at Tulane, and she caddied for him during his only win on the regular Hooters Tour. (Talk about a good luck charm!)

  4. Michael and his wife adopted two children, Jason and new baby Laurel.

  5. He qualified for the 2021 Masters Championship in Augusta!

So when you see Michael Thompson on the tour this season -- and the Partial.ly logo on his gear -- know that we are behind him and his family all the way.

For both of us, playing to win is par for the course.