We're very excited to announce the launch of the Partial.ly affialite program. Merchants, customers, developments agencies, marketing agencies and many others have requested an affiliate program so they can share their appreciate for Partial.ly with other merchants who could benefit from offering payment plans.

Partial.ly affiliates earn 20% net revenue share from merchants that signup for Partial.ly with their affiliate link, as long as the merchant uses Partial.ly. This provides an easy and effortless way to generate passive income. The Partial.ly affiliate program works with Paypal to automatically payout commissions.

If you are a customer who has used Partial.ly and appreciated being able to purchase products and services with a flexibile payment plan, share Partial.ly with other merchants who you'd like to purchase from with a payment plan.

If you are business or individual who works with other businesses that could benefit from offering payment plans, sharing Partial.ly with them will generate a new automated revenue stream for you.

To signup for the Partial.ly affiliate program, please visit: https://partial.ly/affiliate-program