We’re getting a bit excited!

It’s an exciting time for us here at Partial.ly. We’re a relatively young and fast growing company. We’re always investing to keep our software and services in step with demand and to make sure we deliver what customers and merchants need.

Part of this is making sure we do a good job of explaining the benefits of what we do, and we continually look for ways to improve how we communicate and how Partial.ly can be integrated.

So back end of last year and throughout January we’ve been busy working on our brand, our online presence and building new ways of enabling ecommerce websites to integrate Partial.ly seamlessly into the customer experience.

New branding and website

We’ve sharpened up our brand with a slightly modified logo and we’ve refreshed our website with new content. All over the website you’ll see the brand clearly expressed where design, graphics, screenshots, words and layout have been brought together to really get across what we do.

We think it does a really good job of showing the benefits of using Partial.ly for offering flexible payment plans to customers for ecommerce, and to merchants for invoicing.

WooCommerce plugin

The new Woo Partial.ly plugin for WooCommerce websites lets WooCommerce sites integrate Partial.ly flexible payment plans really easily.

If you’re familiar with the back end of WordPress, you simply upload the plugin to the wp-content/plugins directory on your server and then configure following the detailed WooCommerce support thread ‘Connecting your WooCommerce account’ on our website. For seasoned WordPress website developers, it a cinch.

Find out more here.

Partial.ly widget

To get your ecommerce customers thinking about buying using a flexible payment plan as soon as they see a product that they are interested in, the Partial.ly widget is a short piece of JavaScript code that is inserted on product landing pages.

This shows customers they can purchase with a Partial.ly payment plan and to see the payment plan pricing options open to them. Customers interact with the widget and can dynamically change the down payment, frequency and duration of a plan in line with the limits you set. The widget gives you the option to add a Partial.ly checkout button customers can start the purchase process directly from the widget.

See the widget here.

Drive sales growth and automate payments with Partial.ly

If you are not a Partial.ly merchant yet, there’s nothing to pay up front, so there’s no investment. Just set it up and we only get paid when we are doing our job of automating the payment plan processes in the background. You don’t have to chase payment or worry. The money just turns up in the bank when it’s meant to be there. Great, huh?