Have you heard the news? We’ve teamed up with ecommerce technology company Rokt to make it even easier for merchants to generate additional profit with every transaction.

To break it down: Rokt specializes in optimizing the checkout process, and that’s exactly what they are doing for our customers and merchants. Once enrolled in a payment plan on Partial.ly, a slew of relevant offers available to customers become available; in other words, Rokt creates value for merchants on every transaction.

Not convinced yet? Here are more benefits:

  • It costs merchants nothing. That’s right! Merchant sites that utilize Partial.ly for payment plans can opt into the Rokt feature at absolutely no additional cost.
  • Merchants can actually make money. Not only does it cost nothing to implement, but Rokt’s pricing model allows merchants to get paid every time a customer positively engages with the ad.

And before you think you won’t make money off those ads, here’s a closer look at the numbers:

  • 65% engagement rate
  • 33,000+ placement activations across Partial.ly year to date.
  • $200 eCPM — which equates to expected revenue for merchants when they activate the Rokt Ads placement with Partial.ly.

Not bad, right? To get an interactive Demo, click here.