Get ready for your new favorite word: “Singnasium”

What does it mean? Glad you asked. It’s the combo of “sing” and “gymnasium” — the brainchild of an award-winning vocalist who has taught and directed in NYC for three decades — and now passing along his expertise to anyone looking to get their singing careers in shape with his custom "workouts."

There are several class options, all available on our payment plans. And to give you more insight into this revolutionary program, we chatted with Artistic Director and CEO Lennie Watts -- get ready to put yourself center stage!

Tell us a little about Singnasium and why you wanted to start it. Such a cool concept... 
I had been working in theater and cabaret in NYC for several years and then I started to teach and direct. I taught my own classes for several years, and wanted to take it to the next level. I knew so many amazing artists that I thought would be great teachers as well. I was thinking about creating something when I was approached separately by 2 dear friends, suggesting that I should create something. It was Kismet, and Singnasium was born!

What makes you stand out from other companies in this space?
Well, believe it or not, there aren’t a ton of places like Singnasium. We not only offer a safe, creative, space for singers of all levels, but we are really creating a wonderful community.

How has your business been affected (if at all) by COVID? If so, how has it changed?
Well, it totally changed the way we were doing things. We went from teaching in a studio in midtown Manhattan, to doing all of the classes online via Zoom. In doing that, we now have a National and even International presence. We had access to teaching artists and students that we wouldn’t have had otherwise.

When did you incorporate into your site?
I think it’s been about a year now.

Have you seen an increase in sales since implementing
Yes! Using has enabled more people to sign up for classes, and more people to enroll in multiple classes!

What's your most popular program? 
We have a couple of fan favorites! I teach a class called The Arrangement Experience that is very popular. Our Jazz centered classes do very well, as well as the Piano For Singers and our individual voice lessons.

What has the customer response been like with having a payment plan option available? Any specific feedback/testimonials to share?
No testimonials yet, but our base was very excited to have this option.

When have you noticed being used the most (i.e. certain demographic and/or if a class costs at least a certain amount)
I think a lot people use it to be able to take multiple classes.

Would you recommend other businesses use

Fun question: if you could use to help you purchase anything right now, what would it be? 
Hmmm, a trip to Disney World!!