The New FreshBooks is finally released and we couldn’t be happier with the turnout. FreshBooks did an amazing job improving an already-great product. The user interface is easy, smooth and enjoyable to use.

With, you can quickly and easily send payment plans to your customers from your open invoices. Start collecting from your clients and eliminate collections headaches by offering a custom, flexible payment plan payment option to your customers for their open invoices.

Once you connect your New FreshBooks account to, you’ll notice a new FreshBooks section appear in the menu of your merchant portal. All of your FreshBooks invoices with an open balance will appear in the ‘Invoices without Payment Plans’ list. Send a payment plan for an invoice with just a few clicks. You can also bulk send payment plans for all of your open invoices to every customer that owes you money.

We’ve also added a few new settings to incorporate the features of the New FreshBooks. Because you can manage multiple businesses with FreshBooks, you can now select the business you want to associate with your account. Additionally, you can also select the FreshBooks expense account you want to use for application fees.