Promoting the payment plans that are now in your ecommerce store

Ok, you've taken the big step and have got started with payment plans. The functionality is plugged into your website, but what next? How do you go about using it to drive sales?

Key messaging

Firstly, there's messaging. Decide on a couple of concise messages that describe what provides. These should be benefit-focused so customers can instantly see what's in it for them.

Here's a couple of examples:

  • Can't afford it? Think again. Pay in affordable installments with a payment plan. Automated payment means you never miss a payment.
  • payment plans let you spread payment to match your budget. No credit check or lengthy forms. Easy!

The exact content of the message might be determined by your audience and the type of product you are selling. If it's custom jewelry, often bought by men for the women in their lives, then it might be slightly different to an online store selling collectible items such as movie action figures.

Promotional channels

Once you've got your key messages boiled down, think about how and where you are going to start using them.

Ecommerce store homepage and product pages

OK, the obvious place to start is actually with the ecommerce store. Essentially you want to have a message on the homepage. Consider using a top panel banner containing the key messages and the logo.

Depending on the ecommerce platform, there are different ways to embed and control the placement of the payment plan option within product listing pages and product pages. Checkout our support page for your ecommerce platform.

Email marketing

Consider a one or two email campaign to your CRM or customer database to get those key messages out there and drive traffice to your ecommerce store. The payment plan option is a great reason to contact idle customers with abandoned carts or who haven't visited the website in a certain period of time.

It's a great opportunity to combine highly-personalized messages with those about special offers, promotions and payment plans to try to stimulate customers into becoming active once again and making a purchase.

Furthermore, consider setting up a survey to customers with abandoned carts. Add a few options for customers to select a reason for why they didn't purchase. Set one of the options to something like "I didn't purchase because there were no payment plan options." This will give you an exact list of customers who would likely have purchased if there was a payment plan option available to them at the time of their website session. Sending an email blast announcing the addition of payment plans to your website to a list of customers who selected this option from an abandoned cart survey would likely have a very high conversion rate.


If you're using SEO to drive traffic to the ecommerce store, make sure the key messages are embedded on the most popular pages so that customers coming in don't miss them.

Consider doing a blog post about the addition of payment plans to your website. Focus on the customer and how you want to help them by making it easier for customers to purchase.

You can also set up a pay-per-click (PPC) campaign to announce the addition of payment plans to your ecommerce store.

Social media

If you tweet or use Pinterest or other social media platforms, get the message out on those too. Facebook Groups have proved to be a particularly strong channel for some ecommerce stores using, with members of the community actively discussing how has helped them to make purchases more easily. So, if you have a social media community, get them talking!

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