Plug payment plans easily into OpenCart ecommerce websites

Open source software is very popular with web developers that build ecommerce stores. In part, this is because it accelerates the ‘go live’ timeframe allowing a faster time to market. Also, when compared with those developed on proprietary platforms, it enables the costs of website development projects to be reduced.

Extending our support and integration for the open source ecommerce community, we are now very pleased to announce the extension for OpenCart online stores. This is yet another one of the exciting developments at, new for 2018.

We recently announced the release of integration tools for other ecommerce platforms. Dedicated functionality for OpenCart demonstrates our continuing support and expanding commitment to helping as much of the ecommerce community as possible to increase sales and drive growth.

Payment Plans need to be easy to understand, preventing customer confusion about the plan terms which might lead to poor online shopping experiences. preserves all of the normal features you currently provide at the checkout. This includes important elements like using coupon codes, native shipping and tax settings, and shipping cost calculations.

Two ways to offer OpenCart payment plans with

Use as a payment option in the normal OpenCart checkout

Using this method, appears as part of the normal checkout process when a customer has places in the cart and then wants to checkout.

Use a checkout button on OpenCart product pages

You can also choose to suggest using payment plans earlier in the shipping process by displaying options on your product pages from where customers can then directly checkout.

Similar to our other ecommerce platform integrations, there's a host of customization options available, such as:

  • Custom styling for the way appears on product pages and at the checkout
  • Opting for custom or dynamic text for the widget

To get going with payment plans on your OpenCart site, it's simple. You just need to download our extension from the OpenCart marketplace. Of course, if you are using OpenCart version 3 or greater, simply install from the OpenCart admin using the marketplace installer.

We advise looking at the OpenCart support thread before you start, but it should pose no problems for experienced OpenCart website developers. We have detailed instructions to simplify the integration with OpenCart for you code jockeys out there.

Remember, if you need assistance, our support is always here to lend a hand.

Grow OpenCart sales and automate payments with Payment Plans are a really strong tool for growing sales. Customers spread the cost of those big ticket purchases, letting OpenCart store owners win. win twice because the automated payment system makes sure your money turns up in your bank account on time.

To find out more or to ask about anything else at all, click here, complete the form and we’ll be right back to you.