It’s a tale as old as time: you’re finally saving money, and then before you know it, holiday music is playing everywhere. And in an almost Pavlovian response, visions of sugarplums your bank account on overdraft dances in your head. There’s a reason “season of giving” is also referred to as the “season of spending.”

Here’s the good news: you really can take the stress out of the holiday season by creating a payment system that really works for you. And here’s the better news: that just so happens to be exactly what we do. seamlessly integrates a payment plan functionality with your favorite ecommerce sites that allows you to pay for the things you really want, but may not be able to purchase with a single payment. (Or what we affectionately refer to as the “abandon cart” syndrome.)

Here are three simple ways to get everything you need this holiday season (including a completed shopping list, maintained bank account… and of course, your sanity).


Create A Budget

We know, this is likely eliciting a collective “duh” right now -- but you can’t stick to a plan before you actually have one. And in this case, you’re going to want to deep dive into it because actually benefits from very specific payment plan parameters (that you get to control! More on that later.) In other words, this is not the time for ballpark figures; the more you hone in on the numbers, the better chances you have for your budget to actually, well, work.


Implement That Budget Into Your Purchases (Literally)

See? There was a reason we said to be specific. Our merchants -- from which you are fulfilling wish lists galore -- are able to lay down the groundwork which includes setting the down payment, frequency, terms, etc. And depending on those optional settings you -- the customer! -- are able to customize your own plan within those parameters, and really define how you want to pay for your product.


Adjust As Needed

Our merchants are able to make changes to customers plans, and those tweaks can be a big benefit for the consumer as well. For instance… did you get a raise at your job, are feeling extra baller, and now you can pay for the rest of that epic girls trip with Sweat Reset? (Sidenote: you should really check those trips out.) Go for it!

Think of it this way: is like having your own personal trainer; our system creates a plan targeted specifically to your needs to ensure you -- or in this case, your wallet -- stay in shape. Except in this case, it actually saves you money (and you won’t quit once your jeans fit).

Now that’s a New Year’s resolution you’re going to want to keep.